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Cashwolf is a unique symbiosis of cashback/loyalty system and multi-level marketing distribution platform in which each user, regardless of whether he is a private person or a company, can become a promoter (compare Market Opportunity and Business Model) and gets a commission for the sales of his recruited users. Our vision is to bring people, buyers, sellers and businesses together on the Internet in an interactive way that has never been there before. Large and complex structures are broken up and simplified to ensure direct interaction between all users, reduces costs and combine all important basic needs in one system - Cashwolf. Simple our goal is to revolutionize the way consumption is perceived on the internet. To create such a huge decentralized economic system in which each party gets something back.

We create a decentralized web solution that is as interesting as possible for all participants. The basic idea is to unite the greatest needs of the participants on one platform to offer each participant a financial- as well as an information advantage. To achieve this goal, we have already created a cashback / loyalty program and a multi-level marketing distribution platform. In which every interested user can become a promoter to receives a commission on the purchases of his referred friends. This is followed by a marketplace, a social media platform, a job and services/tender market and a wallet based on the Ethereum Blockchain Smart Contract technology. Cashwolf with its tokens (WOLF) is more than just a new cryptocurrency that serves as a possible payment method. Our goal is to eliminate disturbing middlemen and bring business partners easy, quick and cost-efficient together. It is possible for every participant right from the beginning to profit from Cashwolf and to influence the success of Cashwolf. Thanks to smart contracts, the payment of goods and services is not only faster but also significantly cheaper. In addition, the blockchain technology ensures a complete history and is therefore also ideal as a tracking method.

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