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About the project

CoinFi offers crowdsourced and professionally curated research, analysis, trading signals, trading algorithms, and market-moving news to give cryptocurrency traders the real-time market intelligence needed to gain an edge. It is like the Seeking Alpha or Bloomberg dashboard of crypto.

No simple solution exists for an individual investor or trader to learn more about a specific altcoin. This information remains scattered across a variety of platforms such as Twitter, Reddit, Slack channels, Telegram groups, personal blogs, podcasts, Youtube videos, etc.

Furthermore, the relevance and quality of the content varies widely - you may need to read a dozen articles of mediocre to poor quality before discovering a thought-provoking piece backed by strong reasoning and verifiable facts.

How Coinfi aims to fix this:

The CoinFi database will enable users to monitor and analyze real-time crypto market news alongside price charts in ways that are currently impossible with existing tools. It changes the current delivery frequency of market news from delayed, to near real-time.

1. News from longtail channels (e.g. Twitter, Reddit, Medium, forums, blog announcements) will be surfaced in near real time by highly incentivized community curators who will get rewarded with CoinFi tokens for being the first to surface a given high value piece of content.

2. News will be submitted, tagged, and voted on by an in-house team of editors alongside community curators that get rewarded with CoinFi tokens for their contributions. CoinFi’s editors and machine learning algorithms will sort and organize these crowdsourced submissions for recency, accuracy, and relevance.



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