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About the project

First of all, let me introduce myself;

Hi, it’s coolindark… I’m a human being who love computers, internet, investigating and much of all : learning new things everyday. “Trying new things” is always my best joy, because it feels like i’m playing a strategy game every day… and this game gives me knowledge and sometimes money! Win-win! I spent my last 3 years to watch, read and learn about cryptocurrencies. Despite the secrecy and conspiracy theories; i love the idea and flow of interest everyday. That’s why i believe that cryptocurrencies will be accepted in globe and will be the next-gen money in very near future. Just to give a sweet purpose to cryptocurrencies, I’ve created my own ad network with “0” profit aim, unfortunately it doesn’t get any attention; that’s why i’ve closed the service for some time… however you still can find information about it below.

I do different things. If you search me on google, you will see that i’m an active member in TBN (thebot.net) & BitcoinTalk, also an old gamer in Steam network.

So you can find some interesting things in my website. This website is the main bridge to let you pass to my online operations which can help you earn some coins, learn & use & mine cryptocurrencies, find some good services which i’ve used them before and much much more!



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