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About the project

We are a small team that have decided to take guardianship over the KAT (Katz) coin. CryptoCoderz is helping us with it and he’s tending to the code and the wallets. There will not be any big changes really, because everything is working just fine. We only updated a small section of the code to make it compatible with newer compilers, this doesn’t change anything as far as forking or anything like that. We have a new Windows wallet NOW and Linux and Mac wallets are on the ”to do list”. And yes the logo has been slightly changed, we decided to use a different looking cat, not to run into any copyright infringement problems further down the line. Hope you like the way our new cat looks

We are looking far in to the future when making our plans, but sometimes it’s better not to reveal all plans completely, before they are more solid and mature enough to stand on their own. What we can share with you for the moment is that all standard procedures such as listing on other trading platforms, apart from Yobit.net where it is being traded already, are being planned and of course the coin needs a solid purpose, not being ”just” an alt-coin for trading. We already have something particular in mind, but this idea requires much more planning and time and who knows, might change and morph during the creative process, so more on that when we know more ourselves.

This coin is amazing for staking, first year you stake 50% every month on the coins that you keep in the wallet, so keep your coins

Also we are thinking about a CAP at 2 billion coins, not to have the coin spill over, but this is not urgent and will be done later, atm (June 1, 2017) there are about 11.6 million coins in circulation.
Any suggestions, please post them here in this thread so we can take them in for consideration. Apart from that you will find all available information about the KAT (Katz) coin below.

$32 038.13 $1 928.22
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