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About the project

Meritocratic Lab. born from the desire to spread a new concept of meritocracy and recognition of talent and commitment in contemporary society. Within our Marketplace, through the agreement with our business partners, we provide and publicize goods and services that can be purchased with an ERC20 token, called “MRC”, created specifically for the MeritocraticLab ecosystem, based on Blockchain Ethereum. The ethics and purpose is to create a structure with a wide range of goods and services available to recognized people worthy for their commitment / talent, in the workplace / professional, student and / or sports.
For companies, institutions and associations, it is possible to purchase the MRC token and distribute it to its underlyings (workers, students, athletes) because we believe that the continuous recognition of commitment and talent must always be recognized by encouraging the person. For all MRC token holders, access to the Marketplace platform will be free. For those who have not received the MRC token, they can purchase a second token, called “MRT” with which they can purchase access to the Marketplace, always registering in the Private Area.
The MRC token will have a spending constraint on activities where it will be aimed at personal growth and the individual’s usefulness: no more economic benefits that can be spent in vices and uselessness (eg tobaccos, games of chance, etc.) but goods / services always and however aimed at improving the psycho-physical well-being of the person (example training courses, language courses, professional courses, hobbies, art, culture, music, libraries, libraries, sports associations, gyms, technical clothing , spa treatments, medical studies, etc.).
If you want to become a business partner, or simply want to start receiving the tokens, register in the Reserved Area, create your profile and start enjoying the benefits within the Marketplace.

Meritocratic Lab. Has developed 2 distinct systems for the functioning of the structure and its sustainability. The Meritocratic Token (MRT) and the Meritocratic Certificate (MRC):
The “Meritocratic Token” (MRT) can be purchased by anyone interested, by accessing the Reserved Area.The token gives the possibility to access the Marketplace platform inside the Reserved Area as it will be the only accepted payment method to access it, the user inside can view the goods / services provided by MeritocraticLab and / or its partners
The “Meritocratic Certificate” (MRC) can be purchased only and exclusively by the commercial partners (companies / associations) who are interested in distributing it to their underlyings (employees, collaborators) in line with the principle of recognition of merit. access the Marketplace platform inside the Reserved Area and can be spent for the purchase of goods / services provided by MeritocraticLab and / or by its partners, as well as being directly spendable with the partners affiliated with the APP-mobile.



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