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About the project

Community Project

Pandacoin is a community project whose team is made up entirely of volunteers. We have a healthy mix of business management, programmers, and community to take Pandacoin to the next level.

Launch date

Pandacoin was launched on February 15th, 2014 with a fair & honest launch. No ICO, no premine, no fastmine and no instamine


Pandacoin was orginally a POW coin (minable) but has since switched to POS after just over a three month distribution period.

Global mass appeal

Pandacoin is positioned to reach mainstream users from multiple market segments and cultures (in particular China and South East Asia) by removing high barriers of entry to the fast paced complex world of cryptocurrency

Secure & ASIC Immune

Pandacoin is a Proof of Stake algorithm cryptocurrency. This means that Pandacoin can’t be mined directly, and is immune to ASICs that have so far dominated Bitcoin, Litecoin and Dogecoin mining, posing a large risk that a single player could take over and de-facto monopolize the market.

Currency, not Commodity

Bitcoin is often perceived as a commodity to hoard for its value due to the low coin count of 13 million, instead of functioning as a commonly used unit of exchange by the masses. Pandacoin is designed to function as a currency, and not as a commodity due to a realistic high coin count of 32 billion and a low 2.5% inflation rate.



This project has not added information about ICO (Initial coin offering)
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