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About the project

PANTHEON X aims to build a blockchain-based financial platform and a reliable network that allow anyone to trade in a safe and transparent manner. PANTHEON X will maximize the participants’ profit by providing a decentralized smart financial infrastructure. Moreover, we will create a financial environment in which participants will self-govern the financial system by transforming it into an efficient system.
To this end, in the short term, PANTHEON X will create a ‘Cryptofund Marketplace’ where financial instruments including cryptocurrency funds can be traded, while building a ‘Knowledge Network’ that is in charge of crypto-related research, sales, marketing, promotion and information exchange. In the mid and long term, we will make services by utilizing data on crypto funds and internal infrastructure (accumulated in PANTHEON X (PANTHEON Intelligence), and expand those services by building a healthy ecosystem in collaboration with the 3rd Party.
Crypto financial products registered in the PANTHEON X platform will transparently disclose all transaction history on the blockchain, thus allowing participants to look at how their assets are being managed, and whether the assets are managed in a right and honest way, in a way that was not available in traditional financial institutions. Also investors will be able to make better decisions on selecting managers for their precious assets since they can evaluate managers based on their track records.
PANTHEON X aims to become a platform that provides the best practices in the crypto financial market through trust, convenience, and expertise. We also aim to make XPN of PANTHEON X the most credible currency in the crypto financial market so that it can be used for a wide range of financial products.
PANTHEON X provides an open crypto financial platform where people can trade crypto funds in a safer and more transparent manner, away from the centralized financial system within the traditional institutions. Based on Smart Contract and the reliable data, PANTHEON X has established an infrastructure that anyone can manage or entrust assets easily. We want to create a blockchain-based open financial business platform where various participants, 3rd Party Dapp, and service providers may freely join.
PANTHEON X is composed of 1) “Cryptofund Marketplace” that allows people to freely trade various financial products including crypto funds, 2) “Knowledge Network,” a trustworthy network, that releases research results and articles about cryptocurrencies, and engages diverse participants to share their opinions, reflecting these on the ecosystem, 3) and “3rd Party Service” that will strengthen the virtuous cycle of the ecosystem in the crypto financial platform. This ecosystem operates based on fees paid by participants and rewards by the level of their contribution.



Type Validity Whitepaper
ICO Completed
  • 21.02.2019 20.03.2019
  • 25.03.2019 27.04.2019
  • $32 038.13 $1 928.22
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