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About the project

Peoples Token is an erc20 utility token.Peoples token aims to create a fully community driven and decentralized token. A lot of token ICO fails to fulfil and reach their goals as promised by the team. In most ICOs only a part of token is available for purchase for the people and tokens are held by the team / developer along with the ICO fund collected from sale of the token. This creates a majority control of developer and the team and minority role of people taking part in the ICO and token community with no decentralization of the token. PPL token aims to form a decentralized collaborative community that thrives together with the token and ascertain the development of various projects that uses “PPL token”. The community will be managed by equal participation of all PPL token holders and will strive forward for multiple project developments open for all community members. Such project developments in the interest of the community are open for development to any / all participants. Project development funds will be provided from crowdsale collected funds. Any number of community members can form a group and discuss their project in the forum and avail the community funds through voting. Such a group can utilize the funds for conducting product/project development. Projects will utilize Peoples Token (PPL) and help in token liquidity and community token holders to be a part of the project and its services. Peoples forum is online which is accessible to all participants and PPL community members. We are still working on the development of the forum updates and new features. The team also plans to release a future wallet dedicated to PPL token with integrated internal exchange pairs. The initial version of Peoples forum has been published and can be accessed by community members. Members can sign up, create their profile and participate in the crowdsale. Forum consist of different categories which will be updated as per necessary as the community grows. The forum is under beta development and will be further optimized for ease of access by community forum members. The forum is mainly targeted to organize polling for community funded projects. The community together decides whether to support a project or not after proposal so that it can avail a part of the reserved ICO funds for the project. This will be achieved through community voting for or against a project. Voting members will only include those members who have taken part in the ICO. This will be preceded by a verification stage after ICO where members will be taken into account for voting during community polls.
The token belongs to the people, the community will drive the price and use of the token in various projects. No bonus or tokens are held by the developer / team to ensure fair distribution and use of the token. Only crowdsale funds are being used for the community forum development and community projects. 40% of crowdsale funds are reserved for community controlled projects. All PPL tokens are available in crowdsale to eliminate the factor of team/developer holding any tokens and help in the decentralization of the token. A total of 10% from the total supply of 8 million tokens i.e. 800,000 PPL Tokens are reserved for Bounty Campaign, in case the hard cap is reached and no tokens are burned. In case hard cap is not reached , total tokens for bounty campaign will be reserved in the ratio of tokens sold to reserved bounty tokens. The rest of the tokens will be burnt. Unsold tokens after crowdsale will be burnt.

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