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About the project

During the past few years, there has been a global boom regarding the use of cryptocurrency.
This is because just as people dreamt of gaining a huge fortune during the Westward Expansion in the 19th century, many were relying on the value of cryptocurrency to rise, hoping to turn their lives around.

Recently, however, as the value of cryptocurrency has fluctuated widely and the stock values plummeted, problems of cryptocurrency have surfaced.

The biggest cause of such issues is that cryptocurrency itself does not have practical value, and the structure exists in a way which its values fluctuate according to speculations of the market.

However, ‘Rockwood Coins’ are clearly different from other cryptocurrency when used as a foundation of financial assets.

Using the Coins as a financial asset not only increases its value but also means that such resources are being established in value. This becomes the main factor that clearly protects investors from the fluctuating stock markets. Therefore, Rockwood Coins are set apart from other cryptocurrency in that it protects the value of the investors’ property.

The funds of Rockwood Coins are invested into not only real estate corporations, but also various financial assets such as fund management, company assets and personal assets through “Rockwood Fund Management” an incorporation located in Hong Kong.

Rockwood Fund Management invests high profit industries, killing two birds with one stone because not only are the Rockwood Coin possessors provided with high dividend rates, but it also becomes a factor for the value of Rockwood coins to increase.

Rockwood coin started public trade in Korea and will advance to the United States, Singapore and Europe. Purchasing ‘Rockwood Coins’ will now mean that one has taken part in the economic activities of investment of “Rockwood Fund Management”.

It will also mean that investors of small funds will now enjoy the high profit rates that only partial great fund investors took advantage of.

As the world’s first coin business model that has established the foundations of a financially mutual relationship of investors and businesses, Rockwood Coins assures the stable value of Coins, the convenience of investing into huge financial assets and high profits.

The ecosystem of Rockwood Coins will continue to advance.

Various DApps will be published and there will be seven different ways to exchange though our decentralized exchange platform that will launch soon in the near future.

Rockwood Coins will also continue to be used in our daily lives online and offline.

Soon, not only will they used as personal assets in retailer and wholesale stores but also other places such as restaurants, hair salons, skin care shops and fitness centers.

The world trades more quickly and efficiently than ever before as it continues to develop.

Having gained trust and established knowhows in the market, Rockwood Coins will continue to advance with you according to the changing times.

‘Rockwood Coins’ will provide the best opportunity to help your investments spread out to the world.



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