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We are a company built from a pre-existing corporation that specialized in research and development of multi-biometric authetication systems. As we continued to scale our company and consider the best use cases of our technology, our research led us to consider pairing our patented multi-biometric technology with the power of the blockchain ledger.

Therefore, we are set apart from many other current projects. We did not serendipitiously come upon an idea. We toiled for months to create a practical and holistic approach that picks up where other projects have failed. Conclusively, our team at Shieldcure realized the opportunity to implement blockchain as a service in the fintech industry.

Furthermore, in regards to influence, infrastructure, and size, we are leagues ahead of a great majority of blockchain projects. We are incredibly excited for the future.


“We exist as a company to give each individual more freedom to thrive in this world.”
-Taebong Kim, CEO

We are a platform that provides a multi-factor authetication wallet (think two-factor authentication, but exponentially more secure) and digital asset management services. We cut out the middle man from several financial workflows, such as in the processes of personal asset management, settlements, remittances, and many more. We promise to protect and manage your assets so that you can live and work more freely.


Since the advent of the blockchain’s creation, innovative minds have speculated about its potential to decentralize operations and empower individuals. And it has in many ways! But with the absence of a robust platform, the flexibility of the technology has been limited, especially in the financial world. There is a lack of structure for the expansion of legitimate financial services: settlement, remittance, loaning, crediting, escrow, etc. Ultimately, we want you to take control of your assets, your life. But we don’t want you to compromise financial services or lack protection.This is how blockchain was meant to be applied. Combined with our award-winning technology, we will make this vision a reality.


We believe there is a missing piece in the usability of decentralized fintech, which can be to blame for its inflexibility:

Lack of a robust authetication system.

Decentralized blockchain services are said to be trustless, but this is because there is incredible trust in the functionality of the platform. In the platform and there is little room for error, such as in the authetication of users to prevent fraud. We tackle this issue head on with our multi-biometric technology and “security by design” methodology. We create a platform that extends past P2P transactions alone; we enter the complete realm of financial services and open countless opportunities, while many solutions are limited to one service, such as loaning.



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