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About the project

Virgo helps companies to track & certify single activities along the whole supply chain, ensuring transparency and reputation through the use of BlockChain.

Blockchain is the catch-all term for technology that permanently records transactions in a digital, tamper-proof database. Information is distributed across a network of computers rather than being controlled by a single entity, and is accessible to anyone in the network, but cannot be altered or deleted.

In the highly competitive world of luxury fashion, blockchain’s main role is to connect brands and retailers that normally wouldn’t share information with rivals.

So while BlockChain could be compared similarly to what a database could be used to do, what the blockchain can do is form a database that value chain partner, companies and consumers agree with the results of

Customers no longer seek the luxury product, but the experience of prestige. Nowaday this includes having full access to transparent and trusted informations concerning the sourcing and manufacturing processes that made luxury product born.

Fueled by “collaborative consumption’s sustainability spirits, second-hand market for fashion luxury products has grown up enough to get relevant for consumer and companies as well. Which gave rise to several dedicated e-commerce platforms: concealed behind the themes of sustainability, the real advantage that the young customer finds in these platforms is the access to sought after and rare items and items, limited edition products and vintage cult products. But the opportunity to easily shop for a second hand luxury product could hide the risk of buying a fake one.

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