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About the project

Asia’s hottest Solana NFT collection. Available exclusively on Magic Eden

What is The Monkey Kingdom?

Who is Sun Wukong?

Sun Wukong, also known as the Monkey King, is a legendary mythical creature capable of extreme mass destruction. Wukong has been magically imprisoned by the Buddha under a mountain for over 500 years and has NOW ESCAPED!

Fuelled with anger and a determination to seek revenge, Wukong intends to wreak havoc in Heaven.

What are Wukong's abilities?

Sun Wukong possesses many supernatural abilities, from immortality to shapeshifting. Afraid of being trapped by the Buddha again, Wukong permanently transformed into 2,222 unique different versions of himself. Who can stop an army of 2,222 Wukongs!

Who is The Buddha?

The Buddha is an almighty God and also a crypto whale who invested in Solana when it was $1. Being all knowing and all, Buddha obviously knew Wukong was coming, so the Buddha tricked the Wukongs and trapped them on the Solana Blockchain. The Buddha named the prison The Monkey Kingdom.


The Monkey Kingdom is a collection of 2,222 randomly generated 32x32 pixels NFTs on the Solana Blockchain. Each Wukong is unique and comes with different traits and attributes varying in rarity.


The Baepes, a collection of 2,221 female Wukongs are coming soon! We have arrangements for all the Wukong family members and also people who missed out on our first mint. All minting proceeds will go to a selected charity.

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