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Debaseonomics is a combination of DEBASE, a flexible supply token, and DEGOV, a governance token, working together to solve the fundamental issues faced by elastic supply tokens. 100% of the tokens are distributed through staking and "stabilizer pools" to promote fairness and decentralization.

Debaseonomics doesn't aim to create another flexible supply token proposing a small set of features that might, in theory, make them reach their pegged value. Instead, it encompasses an infinite variety of elastic supply tokens by proposing stabilizer pools which can be programmed in unique ways to try to incentivize DEBASE holders to stabilize the token price over a number of cycles, in a process mediated by governance. These pools attempt to solve some of the biggest issues faced by such coins, including incentivizing pegging DEBASE to target during negative rebases.

Keeping this flexibility in mind, 90% of all DEBASE tokens have been assigned to be rewarded to any number of successful stabilizers proposed and voted on by governance. Serving as an incentivization mechanism for the community to develop and, in turn, stabilize DEBASE further.

To control such pools and the protocol itself, a governance token has been paired token with DEBASE. This allows the community to decide what types of stabilizers to include in addition to the rebasing parameters. DEGOV is forked by the governance model brought by Compound Finance to allow the manipulation of various parameters in a decentralized manner.

Debaseonomics is moving forward development in elastic supply tokens by incentivizing boundless possibilities in trying to stabilize DEBASE price, in the long or short term, using a governable open-ended design.



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