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Decentralized hedge funds (dFunds):

dFund is a platform that makes decentralized hedge funds and loans possible, operating in the vast and technically superb Polkadot ecosystem. The dFund network is composed of different decentralized autonomous organization (DAO) modules acting as decentralized hedge funds / investment funds, or as we like to call them, dFunds. Investors can invest / pool money into these dFunds, which would be managed by that dFund’s manager and invested for a profit, just like traditional hedge funds. These dFunds can set their terms and conditions, such as the success fee they will charge on achieved profits, and their internal organization, such as the DAO module (in this case a dFund) members electing the dFund manager(s).

dFunds will be rated and ranked by their performance, so the decentralized hedge funds with the highest returns will be the most visible ones on the website and dApp of the platform, and users will be able to see the returns and profits (in %) of every dFund which will allow them to make informed decisions about in which dFund they want to invest. Obviously, the highest rated dFunds would justifiably charge the highest fees because they are considered high reward / profitability and low risk.Returns and performance will be easy to audit and verify as all transactions are done within smart contracts and on the blockchain, which means that all transactions are 100% transparent, auditable and visible on the public ledger (blockchain).



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