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About the project

Instant Gaming Platforms in the browser

Our mission

Our mission is to be the destination of choice for casual players looking to have cheap quality fun while on the go, at home on a desktop or with friends in front of a TV screen.

About us

Digitap is a team of visionary and hard working web game veterans that came together under the same purpose: to create the next game store, using web technologies. The current mobile games market is saturated and dominated by a select number of giant publishers, with crushing advertising budgets and expensive tools.

In the past 10 years we've built systems that handled more than 1.372 Billion gamers around the world ( and counting ) on web platforms, more tha 3.511 Billion gameplays and a staggering amount of fun moments: 15.946 Billion minutes to be exactly. We know what we're doing, we know what the current challenges are and how we can fix them.

Creating a game for both Android and iOS is expensive, lengthy and risky: you have a better chance of failing with your game than you have a chance for success. We want to help and we experienced first hand how rough the waters are with a total lack of transparency from monetization partners, tricky analytics and malicious actors combined with huge file sizes and an increasing need for speed.

We set out to change the way mobile games are distributed and marketed to a premium audience in partnership with trusted mobile operators, amazingly talented game developers and reputable ad agencies. We believe the web has been slowly maturing and it's now time to take full advantage of the browser on mobile.

Building mobile games for the web levels the play field once more, allowing all developers a fair exposure to a demanding audience. We also strive to deliver the best experience to our users by making use of the latest advances in Machine Learning and AI, technologies that allow us to deliver the best personalized experienced and to protect our users and their sensitive data at the same time.

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