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About the project

Why does Dollar Coin exist?

Money and state has always co-existed as an entity. As a result, money serves the government first and the people second.

“The root and source of all monetary evil is the government's monopoly on money.” - Freidrich Hayek

Dollar Coin seeks to run an experiment to test the viability of a censorship-resistant algorithmic two-token model.

What is Dollar Protocol?

Dollar Protocol is a 2 token protocol comprising of Dollars and Shares. Dollars will be the object of stabilization and Shares will be the instrument to speculate in and govern in the network.

90% of the initial share supply will be farmed by Uniswap/Mooniswap LPs over a fair coin distribution schedule over 10 years. The majority of the coins will be distributed from 2020-2023. The remaining 10% of shares will be vested by the founding team over a 10 year linear vesting schedule.

Why a two-token model?

A two-token model properly segments two main stakeholders:

  1. users who want a stable unit of currency
  2. users who want to speculate on growth of the network

As such, the protocol issues two coins.

  1. Dollar Coin (pegged to ~$1)
  2. Seigniorage Shares (speculation and governance vehicle)

By separating the risk and rewards component, we aim to create less price volatility for Dollar Coin owners while maintaining the potential seigniorage.



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