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Introducing Imperial, the prototype of a truly world-changing monetary platform. This time, it IS different. Taking the standard computer science models of the CAP theorem and putting an incredible emphasis on partitioning of the standard blockchain model, we aim to achieve the highest TPS number out of all cryptocurrencies. Utilizing newer tools since Bitcoin's inception; kafka, cassandra, golang, docker, app development, react and kubernetes we aim to create an "alive" chain with network pings, active monitoring and node server load balancing. We are replacing standard inoperable chains with a network that will incorporate a just and fair standard traditional banking structure. Overdraft fees, the tracking and banning of fraudulent accounts, with an insurance on deposits means individual users will have monetary security while promoting the adoption of Imperial. With more users and lightweight nodes and contacting of these nodes through simple TCP messages, we can reach a much higher speed of the network for 99% of the transactions.

Our true advantage is the availability of the network with very slow internet connections so that even the poor in third worlds can interact with the network and use the currency with only a smartphone. The currency will ensure a fair printing model adjusted for investment in pre-anticipated stimulus rounds through consumers backing demand for reforms for businesses. In turn the minting of the currency comes off the assets of the top that have been invested into a reform through a stimulus cash back furthering incentivizing adoption on a grander scale. The sort of reforms we're proposing would include futuristic technology such as automation and older well-known and simple to adopt technology such as; passive-cooled buildings, solar water heaters and electric vehicles. Our goal with adoption is to reduce energy grid dependence, source independent local food supply chains, reduce CO2 emission, reduced fixed costs, create a local volunteer network and reward good spenders and savers within a local community.

These sorts of local demand packed stimulus packages would induce responsible lending and borrowing and create a brand new form of investment channel: that of the investment into a community or local area for the purpose of development and a higher standard of living. We believe all of this possible through a new form of economic model that is post-capitalistic, non-socialist and focused on responsible monetary management on a digital chain that is transparent and secure. Come join us in building the first truly global and vast network that will proto-type and free the labor of lowly workers while providing lucrative channels of investment for the monied class. Let's change the world into a happier, more productive, safer and more advanced world through monetary reform, new cryptocurrency concepts and masterful engineering.



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