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未来无论是文本、视频、图片、音频甚至直播类为主题的内容平台都可以使用JoyTube网络构建出对应的内容价值发现体系。各平台之间,使用统一的内容贡献算法对内容进行互动贡献度挖矿。内容生产者、内容支持者、内容筛选者以及平台建设者等都将围绕 JoyTube生态,基于用户对内容的有效贡献来获得相应的合理回报。

The JoyTube project is positioned in the value discovery infrastructure of entertainment content, with the vision of upgrading the healthy value ecological relationship among creators, consumers, advertisers, and investors in the entertainment content industry, realizing the value distribution of entertainment content creation, copyright registration, and blockchain Chain electronic transaction contract confirmation, content asset tokenized issuance and investment, value communication, pre-sale crowdfunding, etc., and subsequent development of the "blockchain version of the cultural exchange" service market for high-quality content discovery, trading, crowdfunding, and investment. Make the profit distribution of creators, users, brand advertisers and other parties more fair, and the industrial ecological operation more reasonable and win-win. Return the rights and freedoms deprived of traditional platforms to participants in the content industry, and provide a vast ecosystem for all participants in the entertainment industry.

In the future, JoyTube will build an on-chain cultural property rights exchange, aiming at the pain points of lack of authority, difficulty in value discovery, and poor liquidity in the current concept of cultural exchanges. It will use the natural trust system and tokenization advantages of the blockchain to pass on cultural property rights. The transformation of tokenization will better divide cultural property rights and carry out infinitely divided underlying chain transactions. At the same time, it will build a reasonable content value realization and distribution mechanism, and a value network based on user content contribution.

In the future, whether it is text, video, picture, audio or even live broadcast as the subject of content platforms, the JoyTube network can be used to build a corresponding content value discovery system. Between each platform, a unified content contribution algorithm is used to conduct interactive contribution mining for content. Content producers, content supporters, content screeners, and platform builders will all revolve around the JoyTube ecosystem and obtain corresponding reasonable returns based on the effective contribution of users to the content.



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