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About the project

OneCoin is a global company who provide the borderless, accessible and affordable financial services in Ireland.

OneCoin Update is where you can find the latest news on OneCoin, the fastest growing cryptocurrency in the world.

So what exactly is OneCoin and how is it different than Bitcoin? Created through a process called “mining,” the service is based around cryptography. Through mining, each digital coin carries a unique identifier, similar to the serial numbers found on paper bills. However, OneCoin is distinct from paper bills in one, very important way. There is a finite number of coins produced. With paper money issued by government mints, there are more bills produced at various times and in various increments. This means that values can rise and fall due to inflation. This is impossible with OneCoin. Another important distinction OneCoin has from paper money is that the coins are impossible to counterfeit.

Like Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies, OneCoin is not tied to any central bank or governmental body. To this end, the value of each coin is based solely on usability, supply, and demand: the founding principles of economics without any of the politics that have driven paper currencies for most of recorded history. OneCoin has one of the largest currency reserves in the world, at 120 billion units. This means that users are guaranteed security with regards to their digital economic reserves.

Users can also be sure that there is security from corrupt merchants, such as organized crime members and criminals from every walk of life. When one joins the OneCoin network, they instantly join the millions of miners who use their digital currency in a fully transparent manner to buy all sorts of goods and services. You can make also payments and transfer money from any country, no matter where you find yourself, and know that there is no potential shady dealings tied to your account or your savings.

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