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About the project

Volans is a decentralized financial and credit payment system. The Volans platform gives users an opportunity to conduct instantly transactions such as paying bills and purchasing goods with cryptocurrency assets. Also Volans ensures safely storage of cryptocurrency and instantly receiving credits thanks to the Blockchain technology.
In the Volans application the payment for goods or services will take a few seconds thanks to the contactless payment technology NFC. To conduct a transaction the user needs to select a cryptocurrency wallet from which the payment will be made and bring his device to the payment terminal. The Volans system is an issuer of debit and credit cards. With the debit or credit card the user can exchange cryptocurrency to fiat money and receive cash at ATMs within the available balance, or make other transactions using cryptocurrency assets that are provided to the user within the user`s credit limit. Thus, Volans erases barriers between the usage of digital and fiat money in everyday tasks and allows passing complicated and expensive procedures of converting money.
The priority of the Volans system is to ensure the safest storage and usage of user`s cryptocurrency assets. This is achieved through a decentralized approach in the Volans mobile application. The Volans Wallet is a reliable Bitcoin and altcoin wallet based on a highly secure faultless Blockchain technology and supports the ERC-20 standard. The cryptocurrency assets are stored directly on the user's device in "cold" wallet, where neither Volans nor any other institution has any access to them.
The Volans platform introduces a credit rating based on the Blockchain technology. The uniqueness of this approach is that the Volans credit rating is public but anonymous and all information about the user`s credit level is stored in the Blockchain. This approach to determine the credit rating is very fast and fully automated. It enables users to receive credits in a few minutes. The process excludes the participation of any third parties, the user interacts only with the automated system.
The Volans application makes it possible to use cryptocurrency for it intended purpose even easier and opens a lot of advantages for users in comparison with the work of banking applications and available financial solutions on the market. Volans solves the problem of isolation of banking services in any country and enables users to feel at home wherever they are.

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